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 +====== Intro ======
 +Well, what can I say, no kernel I could think of would boot on the device :-( That was until I thought of using Freebsd instead (the IPSO operating system used on them is based on bsd), wupti and I got some success. Unfortunately my joy only lasted for a couple of minutes. Just after the device booted the first time the device broke! What a downer....  
 +===== Getting it apart =====
 +Tox 8 (long bit)
 +4 screws external
 +3 screws internal on the motherboard
 +4 normal star screws on the back of the motherboard behind the disk
 +===== Install Ubuntu Server using Vmware =====
 +Take the disk and put it on a ide-2-usb converter
 +Make a new virtual machine
 +Select custom configuration in the wizard
 +When you get to the disk creation select using a physical disk and select the disk (eg. /dev/sdb)
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