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 +Add the following lines to your environment: 
 +  export http_proxy=""
 +  export ftp_proxy=""
 +Now, start wget with some enhanced options: 
 +  wget --proxy-user "Domain\JohnUser" --proxy-passwd "SooooSecret"
 +You can create an alias to save that configuration, although it may be a security risk to save a passwd inside it: 
 +   alias wget 'wget --proxy-user "Domain\JohnUser" --proxy-passwd="SooooSecret"'
 +Altenatively, you may use the username/password in the http_proxy/ftp_proxy variables: 
 +   export http_proxy="http://Domain\\JohnUser:SooooSecret@"
 +   export ftp_proxy="http://Domain\\JohnUser:SooooSecret@"
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