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Here are my howto's. Giv'em a shot and tell me what you think Thomas


Mail Server - Suse 9.3 - Building a mailserver with Courier, MySQL and Postfixadmin

Postfix Dshield map script - Dshield IP list as Postfix block map

Postfix URL Spam block script - Block mails containing known spam URL's

Mail Server - Ubuntu - Building a mailserver on Ubuntu Hardy Heron FIXME

Regex Stuff - Regex stuff

Secure Imap with SASL - Get Secure Email Through IMAP

Dspam ham-spam learning script

Postfix-Dovecot-Sieve - Server-side filtering


FTP server

Pure-FTPd and MySQL - Using Pure-FTPd with MySQL

Pure-FTPd and PureAdmin - Using Pure-FTPd with PureAdmin

ProFTPd - Setting up a ftp server with MySQL and TLS

Apache Web Server

Digest Authentication - Using digest for user authentication

Log format including X-Forwarding-For - Log X-Forwarding-For information


Grub via serial - Get you boot options out on the serial interface

Reinstall Grub - Get Grub back in place

Fix grub - Get to boot again

Zenity Scripts

Random Generator - Random Generator GUI based on Zenity

Laptop firewall - Firewall for my laptop GUI based on Zenity

Mail tester - Generate smtp mails for testing/performance

Exiftool - Insert exif Image Description

VMware / Virtualbox


apt-file - Find missing packages

Bash Scripting - Bash test and comparison functions

Changing monitor output when using the proprietary ATI driver - Fixing an annoying docking issue

blkid - Find the disk UUID

Move swap partition - Getting hibernation working after new/moved swap partition

Interface names - (un)Binding logical interface names / changing interface names

My xorg.conf for Intel915 chipset and Samsung Syncmaster 959NF

Wget stuff

Delete many files - Getting the error “bash: /bin/rm: Argument list too long”

TrueCrypt icons - Desktop icons for TrueCrypt

Safe reboot a frozen machine - Raising an Elephant

Create a package list - Creating a list of installed packages for scripting

Making a deb - How to make a deb from source

syslog-ng on Ubuntu - Changing from syslog to syslog-ng

iptables - iptables stuff

loop-devices - mount: could not find any free loop device

Bind on Hardy - Some stuff for bind and Ubuntu Hardy Heron

DHCP and DNS - How to make DHCP update Bind

Serial Console - Setting up a serial console on a headless machine

Upload file via web - Python script to upload files between two machines

MySQL backup script

Encrypted USB Storage - Quick Guide to make an encrypted usb stick

exiftool - Adding exif tag info to pictures

fail2ban - Stopping brute force attacks

gopenvpn - Install Gopenvpn

De-base64 - Decode base64 content

Move Pictures by Date - Bash script to reorganize your pictures

Remove ^M characters from file - Fix those damn Windows files

Encrypted disk partition - Using LUKS to encrypt a partition

Password Generator - Simple script

Script - A simple way of documenting output from the console

Get all Danish IP subenets

Setting network speed and duplex

Pure-ftpd Upload Script

Backup script with rsync

Check battery state with bash script

Make cool mail signatures with figlet

Watch filesystem activity with inotify

Automatic backup via FTP with fsniper

Certificate keystore tool - Portecle

Persistent SSH - ssh with screen

Citrix ICA client on 64-bit Ubuntu

Bash loop examples

Domain renewal check

Symbian Error Codes

Google Authenticator

Backup a partition with dd and gzip


Generate a random password from command line

MySQL optimize

Recover deleted files

Run Wireshark as non-root

Setup a private Firefox Sync Server

Get DN from a Windows AD user

Clean up directory based on file age

Extract wifi keys from Windows desktop

Block Windows 10 Telemetry

Bash random number generator

DNS Server Latency Script

Diceware - Pick random words from file

Systemd service waits for IP address

SSH-su Trap





Bluetooth send file - Fixing Ubuntu Edgy gnome-obex-send

I get server reset with Firefox in Feisty - Fixing user agent string

Suspend and Hibernation stopped working in Feisty - Fixing suspend/hibernation

Suspend and Hibernation not working in Hardy Heron - Fixing suspend/hibernation

Intel e1000e driver - Installing Intel's own nic driver

Ubuntu on IP120 - Howto install Hardy on a Nokia IP120 (DO NOT WORK!!)

Create a package list - Creating a list of installed packages for scripting

Creating a local repository - Make a local repository of downloaded deb files

Middle Mouse Button Scrolling - Scrolling with three button mouse

Ibex and AltGr

Shutdown not powering off

Intel 3945/4965 Wireless Frequencies - How to associate beyond channel 11

Ideapad Critical Low Hibernate - Making hibernation work on critical low battery

Full disk encryption - Encrypted LVM with root and swap

Securely delete files and folders in Nautilus

Adding permanent static routes

Changing MTU on interface

Apparmor and Ubuntu

Manual Install Sun Java

Disable TouchPad

axel File Downloader

NetworkManager and device not managed

Apt through a proxy server

Recover from broken update-initramfs

Wireless on Lenovo S10e


apt-mirror setup

HP and CPU fan constantly on after resume

Install Sun Java on Ubuntu 12.04

Enable hibernation in Ubuntu 12.04

Mounting Windows shares with Nautilus in Ubuntu 12.10

Postgrey init script doesn't work on 14.04

TCP/IP Tuning

sysctl.conf - Tuning parameters

SSD harddrives

Google Chrome


RPM building


IP Addressing

Check Point


Raspberry Pi

Lenovo X230 Factory Recovery Disks

F5 Networks










Have I Been Pwned

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